Floral craftsmanship by the hand of Interflora for Parliaments

Fernando Orrio and Elena González have been the flower artisans of Candás in charge of the floral decoration of the second European Rural Youth Parliament and the fourth European Rural Parliament.

The floral design or floral art is the art of taking floral and non-floral materials such as flowers, plants and other accessories with special decorative features by themselves and uniting them to create different and eye-catching compositions. The professional couple from Candasina received the order for the decoration, which was sponsored by Interflora.

Local florists will decorate the Antigua Fábrica de Conservas Ortiz, as well as the Prendes de Candás Theater, which hosted the three plenary sessions.

The decoration was based fundamentally on the placement of floral friezes about 25 centimetres high and deep on the stages. Flower compositions were hung on the stage set up in the Old Canning Factory. A floral centre was placed in front of the lectern and iron feet were placed at the back of the stage, seeking harmony between two different heights and the quantity of elements.

The floral decoration for European events is composed of pale colours and varieties of greens. The composition has to carry round flowers, such as coves, dahlias, unifloras and anthuriums, among others. It has been decorated with flowers coming largely from Holland, which came to Carreño recently by land transport.