Awarding of diplomas to the volunteers and entities of Carreño that collaborated with the ERYP and ERP 2019


The volunteers and collaborating entities of the municipality of Carreño with the European Rural Parliament (ERP) and the European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP), held in Candás between the 4th and 9th of November last, received yesterday a diploma of gratitude from the organising entities of the mentioned event in an meeting that took place in the headquarters of the Asturian Network of Rural Development (READER).

The President of READER, Belarmino Fernández Fervienza, explained to those at the meeting what READER is and how it works. He also remarked that the ERP and ERYP had made the greatest “organisational effort, and have been the most important events organised by READER in its twenty-year history” and described them “as a resounding success” as both the participants and the European associations organising the event pointed out.

The President of READER made a presentation on how these very important days had gathered more than 400 delegates from 38 countries between both events, and pointed out that they would not have been possible without the important collaboration of volunteers and associations of all kinds from Carreño. He also wanted to highlight the important collaboration presented by the Ministry of Ecological Transition through the Biodiversity Foundation; the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food through the National Rural Network, the Government of the Principality of Asturias as well as the companies Caja Rural de Asturias, TRAGSA, RENFE and Central Lechera Asturiana.

A moment of the event held at the headquarters of READER

The Mayoress of Carreño, Amelia Fernández, thanked the volunteers and the collaborating associations “for their generous and totally altruistic effort to put Carreño and Candás at a great height in front of representatives from all over rural Europe”, stressing that all the delegates “were able to see the great cultural and associative movement that we have in our municipality”. Fernandez recalled that recently the council had received a major award for business activity of the shops and showed her pride in having “an associative movement of young people that I hope will be consolidated in time and standing for the creation of an association in which youth can seek alternatives and show all that is capable of doing”.

The Mayoress also referred to the tourism and hospitality sector in Carreño, “which was up to events such as the Rural Parliaments, even signing up for courses to improve their English and give the best possible service to visitors. Attending to nearly 400 people “in such a short time was a challenge that we have successfully overcome and I think that we must highlight”. For Amelia Fernández, “the Rural Parliament has shown us that Carreño is ready to host great events”.

The Manager of READER, Luis Miguel Rebustiello, pointed out that the diplomas that were awarded were signed by the Presidents of the four entities that organised the European Rural Parliament, READER, PREPARE, ERCA and ELARD and that with this signature they wanted to make clear the great organisation and the magnificent collaboration that they have had in Candás from volunteers and associations of all kinds, “without their help this event would not have been possible and would not have had the repercussions obtained”.

After the speeches, the diplomas that certify them as collaborating entities and as volunteers were given. Among the associations that received the recognition were the “Miguel Barrosa” Municipal School of Music of Candás, the “Sidra Casera” association of Carreño, the Music Band of Carreño, the Dance Group and Choir of popular voices of Candás, the Band of Bagpipes, the association of Rural Women of Candás, the Choir of La Bodega, ‘El Cantu la Vara’, the Red Cross of Carreño, etc.

It was also highlighted the contribution of Aisa García from the Tourism Office in Carreño and the volunteers, Lourdes Prendes, Laura Ubach, Christopher Mitchell, Beatriz Martínez, Manuel Carlos Fernández, Marny Sánchez and the Coordinator of volunteers, Beatriz Fernández. Several associations and some volunteers were not able to attend so they have been given their recognition.

For its part, the Town Hall of Carreño gave a gift to the President and personnel of the Asturian Network of Rural Development. The event ended with a Spanish wine in which everyone remembered some of the many anecdotes left by both the European Rural Parliament and the European Rural Youth Parliament.

The president, manager and worker of READER with the gift from the Town Hall of Carreño
Aisa García, Tourism Office of Carreño
Lourdes Prendes, volunteer
Laura Ubach, volunteer from Ambás (Carreño)
Christopher Mitchell, volunteer from El Valle (Carreño)
Beatriz Fernández, from Candás, Coordinator of volunteers
Beatriz Martínez, volunteer from Candás (Carreño)
Manuel Carlos Fernández, volunteer from Candás (Carreño)
Marny Sánchez, volunteer from Candás (Carreño)
José Antonio González «El Cantu la Vara» and his school of ‘Tonada’
Alfonso Sánchez, from the Choir of ‘La Bodega’
Cary García and Josefina Vega from the Rural Women Association ‘Nosotr@s’
Daniel García, from the Band of Bagpipes (Candás)
María Esther Vega, Prima Dance Group and Choir of popular voices (Candás)
José Miguel Karrera, from the Music Band of Candás
Begoña Vázquez, Municipal School of Music «Miguel Barrosa» from Candás
Félix Muñoz, from the entity «Sidra Casera» of Carreño
Miguel Balbín, volunteer from Candás (Carreño)

Fuente de la noticia: Red Asturiana de Desarrollo Rural