Candás welcomes the ERYP 2019

The village of Candás, the capital of the municipality of Carreño, is in luck. This small town in the Cantabrian coast will host the European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP)  from 4 to 6 November of 2019. ERYP will empower youth voice regarding rural development challenges.


As a pre-event of European Rural Parliament (ERP), not less important, the second European Rural Youth Parliament will take place in Asturias (Spain) from 4 till 6 November 2019. More than 70 young professionals from around 10 countries will be gathering to state youths’ perspective on European Rural manifesto. Later, constructive discussions with European Parliament representatives will be held in Brussels.

The ERYP is a powerful platform of making youth opinions regarding rural development challenges heard in European level. The most urging issues will be identified and brought to the table to find solutions tackling them. All outcomes will have a strong foundation – diverse views from people representing different countries and fields.

Young professionals are invited to apply for the event starting from the beginning of August. The participation costs (travel, accommodation and program) for 6 people aged from 20 to 30 years from each organisers’ country will be covered. More information soon will be published in the ERP2019 web page.

ERYP is organised by Latvian Rural Forum (Latvia), Red Asturiana de Desarrollo Rural (Spain), Centre for Economic (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Rural Development), Croatian Rural Development Network (Croatia), International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth – Europe (pan-European), LAGs in Vysocina Region (Czech Republic), Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo, Rural Development Network of The Republic of Macedonia (North Macedonia), Slovak Rural Parliament (Slovakia) and Forum Synergies (pan-European).

If you know more about Candás you can visit this link.