A volunteerism that makes a difference

There is no doubt that much of the success of both the European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP) and the European Rural Parliament (ERP) is also due to the selfless work of the group of young volunteers from the Carreño council who have brought an important value throughout the week with their willingness, their collaboration, their know-how and their desire to take part in an event that has undoubtedly been an experience and a challenge.

Throughout the week, according to their obligations, these nine young people have turned from the beginning, after accessing the volunteering offer of Carreño City Council, giving assistance during both Parliaments, always in English, either to translate, advise, inform about tourism, make guides-interpreters in the various routes and field visits, as well as workshops within the program of cultural activities, or know the alternative leisure offered by Candás.

The response to the offer was very positive and has had the collaboration of seven young people, under the supervision of three local coordinators.

From the beginning of the summer, the volunteer machinery was set in motion under the supervision of Mayra Rodríguez Muñiz, Beatriz Fernández Antuña and Anahí Pérez-Vega García. Marny Sánchez González-Pola, Miguel Balbín Pérez, Christopher Mitchell, María Rodríguez Álvarez, Beatriz Martínez Serrano and Laura Ubach Fernández also worked selflessly with them. It has also had the presence of the Carreño Tourism informant Aisa García and the selfless collaboration of Sheila Leston, in charge of correcting texts and translations of presentations to choirs and as well as the texts for the headers of the video that was made about Carreño entrepreneurs; Lourdes Prendes García Barrosa who was accrediting; Cristina López Colado in the wardrobe; Ángel García Asensio, accrediting, and Manuel Carlos Fernández Antuña, preparing welcome bags.

Nor should we forget the spontaneous volunteers who joined at different times as well as the Association of Rural Women Nosotr@s Carreño, the Homemade Cider Association de Carreño and the different members of musical groups and traditional games.

To know them a little more:


29 year old disabled youth resident in the rural parish of El Valle (Carreño). His family is originally from the United Kingdom and he arrived in Spain at the age of two.  He is the youngest of three siblings. He is currently working in the Fancornio Rural rural accommodation family business, which will show those who visit us. He attended ESO and the last training action he carried out was a cargo handling and customer service.       


Young woman of 23 years old living in Candás. He is currently studying German at the School of Languages. The last course was professional training in the health branch, specifically the Technical Degree in Image for diagnosis and nuclear medicine. She collaborates as a volunteer in the organization and logistics of the ERP and ERYP. Among other tasks she has prepared the visit to the workers in the area. Her mother is one of the workers of the Marañuelas de San Félix, where they make the typical sweets of the area such as marañuelas, candasinos and perlorinas.  The last two sweets they make are named after the name of two parishes in the council of Carreño.  He is interested in collaborating with the event and practicing English with people of different nationalities.


Young woman of 21 years old resident in the parish of Ambás (Carreño). Studied 4º course of Dramatic Art in the ESAD of Asturias. She was a synchronized swimmer in the Pedro Menéndez de Avilés Synchronized Swimming Club and is currently an assistant trainer in that Club.  She collaborated as a volunteer in the organization and logistics of the ERP and ERYP because it seems an opportunity to get involved in the council that resides, interact with other young people and make known our land.


29 year old resident in Candás. He is currently preparing for competitive examinations and in the last year he completed a Master’s Degree. She is a member of the Women’s Rugby Club.  He collaborates as a volunteer in the organization and logistics of the ERP and ERYP. She is a social educator and works with minors in a protection centre. She is also interested in European projects and “I have also participated in exchanges and Erasmus”. She has lived in Ireland, England, Malta, Germany… so she won’t have any problems relating to the assistants to the Parliament.


Young man of 23 years old living in Candás. Currently studying double degree in Law and ADE.      He will do his legal practice at the General Assembly of the Principality. He collaborates as a volunteer in the organization and logistics of the ERP and ERYP. He intends to combine the practice of English with his interest “in knowing rural development initiatives at European level”.


Born in Piedeloro, he was in charge, together with the Union of Merchants of Asturias, of the commercial issues due to his employment relationship with the sector. “I found it interesting to help and organise something in Carreño so that it can be known. It is important for Candás and all the small businesses”.


Born in Candás, she states that “with Anahí Pérez-Vega García I coordinated with the City Council and the council’s socio-educational, cultural and sports entities their participation in the event. The vast majority turned to collaborate selflessly. We showed our traditional sports, the socio-educational project of the School of Music, something as much ours as the tonada and the songs from the winery. And there was no lack of prima dance to welcome them. The Bagpipes Band and the quarry of the Bandina opened and closed the adult event. They learned how to make homemade cider, fried pumpkin and bread. They enjoyed such a typical amagüestu at this time in any corner of Asturias. The finishing touch was a concert by the Banda de Música”.