Rural Business Parks and Small Productions

Credits: Turismo Asturias – Juanjo Arrojo

10.00 h.– Departure from Candás.

10.45 h.– Arrival at Peñaullán (Pravia).

10.50 h.– Visit to kiwi plantation. Kiwiastur – Feito y Toyosa Company.


The Kiwiastur platform (Central Kiwicultora Asturiana) packages and sells kiwis from plantations located in the Principality of Asturias, both its own and those of others, with the aim of encouraging and contributing to the development of balanced, quality and sustainable native agriculture in the environment in which it interacts.

In Kiwiastur the watchword and obsession is the quality and flavour of the fruit, not the quantity, making the maxim its own less is more and better. The Kiwiastur project is in turn based on two lines: on the one hand Kiwiastur Fincas, responsible for the development of the estate and the agricultural production of the product; on the other Kiwiastur, Central Kiwiastur Asturiana, which is the continuation of on-farm production.

For the last two years, Peñaullán has been developing what is possibly the largest unitary agricultural unit producing kiwi in the EU with a planned extension of 40 productive hectares, with a production forecast in full production phase of around 1,200,000 kg of kiwi per year.

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11.50 h.– Visit to a fruit processing center. ASP Fruit -Kiwinatur Company.


Located in Asturias, Kiwinatur benefits from the geographical situation of the region, which has enviable orographic and climatological characteristics that make it a land where the kiwi is totally adapted. If we add to this the fertility of its lands, the humidity and the fluvial system that runs through the Principality from south to north, Asturias is the perfect place for the cultivation of kiwi.

The region of Bajo Nalón is the chosen place for Kiwinatur plantations. This Asturian area, just 5 kilometres from the coast and nestled in a wide river valley, is the ideal place for growing crops, with mild temperatures during the four seasons of the year, with the proximity to the sea acting as a regulating element, avoiding the risk of frost or excess heat in summer. This valley is characterized by the fertility of its land, an area of completely flat plains with an abundance of aquifers, as a result of being the most important river basin in Asturias.

At the same time, it is surrounded by medium altitude mountains, never exceeding 600 metres, leaving the plantations completely protected from the most extreme weather conditions. For all these reasons, the place chosen for the cultivation and development of kiwi is considered a strategic point for the growth of this fruit, achieving the perfect balance of factors conducive to its development.

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12.45 h.- Departure to La Curiscada (Tineo).

13.30 h.– Lunch and visit to El Arenero Intensive Fishing Reserve.

El Arenero Intensive Fishing Reserve

El Arenero Intensive Fishing Reserve is an ancient arid quarry that was degraded to a pirate dump for all types of waste, is recovered environmentally by the Tineo Town Hall and becomes an intensive trout fishing reserve, managed and maintained by the El Banzao Fishermen’s Association of Tineo.

Undoubtedly, one of the best places to practice sport fishing, with or without death, throughout the year. It is a lake of about 500 meters circumference located in the town of El Crucero, about 3 kilometers from the town of Tineo.

This environment offers the possibility of fishing throughout the year to all people, regardless of their experience, in an adapted environment, safe and of great beauty. The fishing preserve has a recreational area, parking area and a bar, and in the vicinity, the town of El Crucero has several restaurants and accommodations.

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15.00 h.– Visit to Pellets Asturias.

Pellets Asturias

Pellets Asturias is one of the largest investments in rural Asturias. A bet for a different and promising energy model with the help of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) for the modernization of the rural environment.

Pellets Asturias, headquartered in the Industrial Estate La Curiscada, uses wood waste to manufacture a product that opens the way as an alternative to traditional fuels.

The factory occupies almost three thousand square meters, with an investment of 10 million euros in which five companies in the sector participate, the Asturian Energy Foundation (FAEN) and the Regional Promotion Society (SRP). This plant can produce 30,000 tonnes a year, a figure that requires an effort to sell in all kinds of markets. Distribution is carried out either in bulk by means of suitable vehicles or in smaller sacks.

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16.00 h.– Visit to Cafento.

Company Cafento

Cafento is mainly a national company, although it also distributes outside Spain. they are coffee importers, who roast in their factory in Tineo, and distribute to all our clients, mainly in the hotel and catering channel. In addition to coffee, they also have infusions, chocolates, sugar and other products that complement their offer.

It currently has around 400 workers, of which 120 work in the Tineo facilities, equipped with more than 10,000 square meters.

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17.00 h.– Departure to Candás.