About REDR

The Spanish Network for Rural Development (REDR) is a non-profit association established in 1995 with the generic objective of promoting a model of integrated and sustainable rural development. REDR is currently made up of Territorial Networks that include more than 180 Rural Development Groups from all over Spain, which manage Programmes and Initiatives related to Rural Development and the LEADER methodology within the framework of the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development (EAFRD).

REDR is a valid and necessary instrument to act as an interlocutor for Rural Development Groups, REDR partners, in different decision-making and reflection bodies and before the different administrations: Community, State and Regional. REDR’s mission at the international level is developing capacity for dialogue and consultation, generating alliances and promoting a participatory local development approach in territorial policies at the international level.

In the last 20 years the Rural Development Groups have approved more than 50,000 projects throughout Spain. REDR is a strong and cohesive network, open and participative at the service of the Development Groups that integrate it where plural ideas coexist.

There are currently 12 territorial networks of Local Action Groups associated in the REDR:

Source of information: Red Española de Desarrollo Rural