‘We are Europeans’

The UK and Ireland have been discussing why it’s important for our countries to continue to work together and with the rest of Europe.  Whether a country is a member of the EU or not experiences can still be shared and support offered.  We all have a lot to offer rural community development. In this workshop we will ask, how can we best do that?

Leader / Speaker

Deborah Clarke works for Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE). ACRE is the national body for 38 charitable local development agencies that make up the ACRE Network. ACRE’s work is supported by the wealth of evidence and intelligence on rural matters that it collects from its members. The evidence is used to influence national policy on rural issues, from housing, health and transport to rural services and fuel poverty.

Deborah provides the national information and advice service for village and community halls across rural England. Her responsibilities include working with the ACRE Network advisers and representing ACRE, and the interests of groups managing halls for their communities, at national level. She passionately believes that “a neutral place for a rural community to come together is vital for a healthy community. Similarly, the European Rural Parliament offers rural communities across Europe an opportunity to share expertise and knowledge for the benefit of all”.

Since 2015 ACRE has welcomed the opportunity to work with Scottish Rural Action, Irish Rural Link, Rural Community Network NI and PLANED as a contribution to the work of the European Rural Parliament.