Destruct the bubbles

Create an interface of youth community inclusion in rural areas

Can youth be a turning point in community development? The new paradigms of rural areas are often carried out by recent incomer and youth communities, the way they interact with the social-economic environment in rural areas and with the local community serves as a response to the challenges of rural development and encourages new paradigms.

The aim of the workshop is to show that those youth communities makes an entire part of the existing community and are not only a separate structure that can be removed or added to an existing framework as an isolated bubble. To be a real turning point of rural development paradigms the youth communities, such as initiatives based on alternative farming, social entrepreneurship, crowd funding and home sharing, should be entirely integrated in the local community to avoid that youth movements are only a temporary trend.

Examples from current participating countries, from 60’s in Eastern Europe, the biggest crushes of opinions, policy making and much more. 


Katrīna  Idū have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning at the Sorbonne University in Paris. After 10 years of being abroad last year she returned to Latvia and became an important part of the core team of Latvian Rural Forum, enriching it with the knowledge gained abroad, experience in research and management. She has worked and are interested in the fields of regional integration and development cooperation, sustainable development strategies, participatory democracy and alternative economic models. Katrina also has been working with youth and children leading non-formal school and training. 


Jakub Dvorský is a member of Slovak Rural Parliament and co-founder of NGO Lišov Múzeum in rural area. In the organisation he has been working with young people in rural areas through practices and training in traditional skills and managing European project to improve quality of living in countryside, support village, region and mainly villagers and Roma people to reduce unemployment.  At the moment Jakub is studying in Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra in Faculty of History.