Connecting with the ‘hard-to-reach’ in rural areas’

The aim of the workshop will be to discuss how to reach out to various rural population groups who are not well-represented at the European level or who feel left behind by policy-makers. Such groups include, for instance,  youth, refugees, remote communities, Roma, women, etc. The EU-funded SIMRA project has been collecting examples of social inclusion throughout Europe for the past three years and the most inspiring ones will be shared during the workshop with participants. These stories will serve as a basis to think of solutions to adapt EU policy-making to the diversity of communities and their needs in rural areas as well as show the benefits of connecting with/engaging such groups for the society as a whole.

Leader / Speaker

Bill Slee is an Honorary Research Fellow of the James Hutton Institute. He is currently working on social innovation in rural areas, climate change related issues, water quality, farm adjustment and rural development – notably within the H2020 project, SIMRA – Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas.


Lauren Mosdale has worked on European projects in the field of rural development since 2016. As a Project Officer in Euromontana, Lauren is currently very involved in the Horizon 2020 project, SIMRA – Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas.