Balkan and Black Sea rural civil society cooperation with EU organisation

Challenges and Opportunities

The workshop is organised to highlight the main challenges that face civil rural development society organisations from the Black Sea and Balkan regions, in the field of cooperation with EU Organisations and Institutions. During the discussions, we will talk about funding opportunities and civil dialogue, advocacy and probable other issues (including political, physical etc.). During the workshop, we will develop a position paper that could be recommendations for national governments and EU institutions to break the walls between countries in the field of rural civil society cooperation and exchange.

Leader / Speaker

Āris Ādlers is President of PREPARE AISBL since Nov 2018. Previously PREPARE board member responsible for the Black Sea region. Āris is also Manager of the Public Private Partnership association “Sernikon” (Local Action group in Latvia) and is developing a dissertation in Riga Technical University on the Management of Integrated added value to Promote Economic Development.

Āris has more than 15 years’ experience in project, activities and organisational management. His main expertise covers civil society development projects and commercial product management, as well as public participation, campaigning and advocacy projects. He has experience in the development of new initiatives and organisations in the field of new IT, civil participation, partnership cooperation, municipality development and business. He also has 7 years’ experience in providing training on community and business development for community animators, members of partnerships, local development and Local Action Group facilitators.