Watch the video of the opening ceremony of the European Rural Youth Parliament

The video of the opening session of the 2nd European Rural Youth Parliament, held in Candás (Asturias, Spain) between 4 and 6 November, has already been uploaded to the Youtube channel of the 4th European Rural Parliament.

The video includes the inaugural speeches of the Mayor of Carreño, Amelia Fernández López, the president of the Asturian Network for Rural Development (READER), Belarmino Fernández Fervienza, and the director of the Asturian Youth Institute, Clara Sierra Caballero.

Afterwards, the presentation of the programme and the project takes place with the help of the ERYP coordinator, Artis Krists Mednis, member of Latvian Rural Forum, organiser of the event, and the coordinator of the European Rural Parliament, Vanessa Halhead, an event that encompassed the Youth.