The railway company ‘RENFE’ joins the 4th ERP 2019 to be held in Candás

The railway company launches a special offer of Madrid-Gijón-Madrid transfers for participants in the European Rural Parliament in Candás

The railway company RENFE has joined the organisation of the 4th ERP 2019, by implementing a reduced fare of round-trip tickets on its long distance trains to shuttle participants from Madrid Chamartín to the Gijón RENFE Train Station.

This agreement offers a wide range of possibilities of transfer from the capital of Spain to Asturias and vice versa at various times of the day. The offer will be valid for any date between the 5th and 11th of next November.

The round-trip ticket per passenger Madrid-Gijón-Madrid will have a fixed price of 78.90 euros in First Class and 62.10 euros in Economy Class.

Viajes Principado agency will be the only one in charge of managing all the reservations of these special train services, for the participants of the next ERP 2019. All those interested should contact the agency via email or telephone, and provide all their personal data to make their reservations. Although the purchase of these train tickets will not be enabled until at least two months before the gathering, all those interested can make their reservations in advance directly with the agency ‘Viajes Principado‘, through the following contact information:

RENFE timetables (Round-trip)

Since the trains correspond to ordinary services, in general the timetables will be very similar to those indicated below, regardless of the day you travel and return. Important: These timetables are indicative and may vary slightly.

Timetable from Madrid to Gijón (aprox.)

Timetable from Gijón to Madrid (aprox.)