The President of the Asturian Parliament proudly receives the ERP


The board of directors of the Asturian Network of Rural Development (READER) presented to the president of the Parliament of the Principality of Asturias, Marcelino Marcos Líndez, both the European Rural Parliament (ERP) and the European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP), which, according to his words, will allow all attendees to transfer about 500 between the two events, “the image of Asturias, its strengths, but also the conclusions, which have to be effective and received by institutions to improve the rural environment”.

The president of the asturian Parliament was very interested in both European meetings, feeling very identified since he was also mayor of a rural council such as Tineo, which will have the opportunity to meet in the field visits.

Marcos Líndez considers that the celebration of both ERP and the ERYP are two events “very important for Asturias and Spain” and highlighted the fact that is carried out “by members of civil society” with the idea of “giving them an institutional voice, transferring their needs first hand to the insitutions”.

He also expressed the full support from the asturian Parliament for the celebration of both meetings. He stressed the suitability of the forum to present these demands from civil society.

Also present at the presentation were the president of READER, Belarmino Fernández, and the mayoress of Carreño, Amelia Fernández, who thanked the support from Asturian institutions, remembering that rural areas “want to be part of the solution”, not only the problem, as recalled Belarmino Fernández.

Un concejo motivado

On the other hand, the mayoress pointed out the great implication that the whole municipality is having in order to achieve a unique experience for the people who travel to Candás. In addition to English classes to ensure the best care, not in vain this is the official language of parliaments, the accommodation wants to be certified in quality, hence also the unification of prices between different accommodations both the municipality itself and the nearby Gozón and Corvera, members of the same rural development group, ADICAP, along with Llanera.

The synergies have also led to the participation of local craftsmanship, designing their own custom merchandising, which does not forget details including some marañuelas (sweet typical of the municipality) with special design.

The organization also contemplates a sustainable event, with the involvement of the Consortium for Urban Waste Collection (COGERSA), and the preparation of its own signage to indicate the work spaces, then the Prendes Theatre, where the plenary sessions will take place, the former Factory of Conservas Ortiz, which will host lunches and networking dinners, as well as various activities, and the Multipurpose Center La Baragaña, headquarters of workshops and work meetings.