The MEP Jonás Fernández offers his full support to the ERP


The spokesman of the European Socialists in the Committee of Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament, the Asturian MEP Jonás Fernández, committed with the president of the Asturian Network of Rural Development (READER), Belarmino Fernández, and the mayoress of Carreño, Amelia Fernández, to carry out all the steps in their hands so that the European Rural Parliament (ERP2019) and the Young Rural Parliament (ERYP) are a success. This commitment took place in a working meeting at the headquarters of READER which dealt with various aspects such as rural development.

The Member of European Parliament (MEP) stressed “the importance of this meeting, which arises from European rural society through its most representative organisations and from which conclusions will be drawn which we must take into account when drawing up the new policies and budgets of the CAP”. Jonás Fernández believes that these events “undoubtedly bring European institutions closer to civil society and we must be very attentive, not only to support them, but also to participate actively in whatever is proposed to us”.

Belarmino Fernandez, president of READER, wanted to highlight the effort involved for the Asturian Network of Rural Development the organization of these two linked events, not to mention the great collaboration is finding in the ERP Steering Committee to achieve an event that marks a before and after its celebration.

The mayoress of Carreño, Amelia Fernández, influenced the work being done in her municipality, including the great support that is receiving the ERP by hoteliers and civil society in general, aware of the great opportunity not only for Carreño but for the region and for Asturias to be at the forefront of European rural development.

The three pan-European organisations responsible for the ERP, PREPARE, ELARD and ERCA have been working for more than six months, together with READER, with the aim of making the meeting a success and making the Candás Declaration the true roadmap for the European rural milieu for the next period.

Between the FYROM and the ERP, the Asturian village will bring together more than 500 representatives of rural society from some forty countries, making Candás the European rural capital for a week.