The Erasmus Student Network adds experiences in ERYP


The Erasmus Student Network Spain (ESN Spain), integrated into the European Network, has shown its interest in participating in the European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP) by contributing its own experiences as an interdisciplinary association present in 520 institutions in 40 countries.

ESN, which works at local, national and international level, carries out different programmes and lines of action in line with the Erasmus university student exchange programme and its principles. Hence, one of its most important tasks carried out is very much in tune with active citizenship, working from the grassroots with Primary and Secondary students.

In this way, they carry out different activities to disseminate the Erasmus programme, seeking at the same time the integration of students from outside the host territories. These activities include visits to schools in rural areas, interconnecting rural and urban areas in the same way, giving visibility to Erasmus and the importance of languages in those places with fewer possibilities due to their own idiosyncrasy.

At the same time, through volunteering, they bring visiting students closer to the local reality that welcomes them.

In addition, among many other initiatives with a social impact, it is worth highlighting the organisation of weekend camps under the slogan ‘Very rural, very international’, aimed at students from non-university stages, within the Erasmus in Schools (EiS) programme. This is an activity born under the umbrella of the international project SocialErasmus (SE), specifically within one of the eight causes of the SE, as is education.

ESN Spain has offered to present some of these experiences linked to civic engagement and political awareness, fundamentally.