The 1st National Rural Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia

Credits: Macedonia For 91 Days.

The Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia, the Connecting Natural Values and People (CNVP) and Action for Rural Development (ARD) are the oficial organisers of this event. It will be held on June 12-14, 2019 in the town of Kruševo (Krushevo, in English) in North Macedonia. This National Rural Parliament will be a great opportunity for around 60 rural stakeholders to meet with a spirit of cooperation and action for sustainability and welfare in rural areas in the country.

The aim is to create a nation-wide platform of rural CSOs, LAGs, agricultural and rural development associations to interact with the local and national government in jointly defining policies and issues related to rural development. This event is part of the jointly implemented project “National Rural Parliament as a voice of rural citizens” funded by EU.

More information and instructions for registration will be published soon.

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National Rural Parliament as a voice of rural citizens