European youth will gather in Candás to work on rural challenges

Only 10 days left until Candás, in Asturias (Spain), will be surrounded by more than 60 young activists from 14 countries of Europe. Many different opinions, perspectives and experiences will be put together to build the European Rural Youth Declaration. The 2nd European Rural Youth Parliament (ERYP) serves as a platform for youth to engage, connect, to be empowered and heard in European level.

Beforehand, the youth participants have identified 5 rural development challenges they see the most important. During ERYP, the young professionals will bring their vision on how the future of Europe’s rural territories should look like and what are the key incentives for youth to move to or remain there. Specific solutions and calls for action for each challenge will be developed:

  1. Diverse Opportunities for Economic Activities
  2. Sustainable Farming and Food Production
  3. The Infrastructure of Broadband and Transportation
  4. Accessibility and Quality of Public Services
  5. Civic Engagement and Political Awareness


The three days of the Youth Parliament will also consist of country experience exchange, networking, field trips, good practise sharing, dialogue with experts and decision-makers. Right after, youth representatives will share the outcome at the European Rural Parliament. And that is not all – in January the Youth Declaration will be brought to politicians and rural development institutions in Brussels.

ERYP is organised by Latvian Rural Forum (Latvia), Asturian Network for Rural Development (Spain), Centre for Economic and Rural Development (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatian Rural Development Network (Croatia), International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth – Europe (pan-European), LAGs in Vysocina Region (Czech Republic), Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo, Rural Development Network of The Republic of Macedonia (North Macedonia), Slovak Rural Parliament (Slovakia) and Forum Synergies (pan-European).