4th Latvian Rural Parliament, June 5-7 2019

The 4th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament is organised by Latvian Rural Forum and in cooperation with the LAG Association ‘Rural Partnership Lielupe’. It will be held on June 5-7 2019, in Zaļenieki, Jelgava Municipality, Latvia. This year the aim of discussion will be about “New Paradigms of Rural Areas”.

The deadline for registrations is until 23rd May. There will be official translation in common sessions and also for some Workshops. The Gathering will conclude with a commonly developed Resolution, as a result of the commitment between communities and policy makers to get specific actions over the next 2 years, and long-term actions. The Resolution will be transferred to Latvian and European levels.

Credits: Zaļenieku Manor – Zane Seredina (Latvian Rural Forum)

New Paradigms of Rural Areas: Depopulation, society aging, access to infrastructures and services, development of technologies, synergies and real conflicts, economic paradigms, etc. These are a small part of challenges that contributes to occurrence of new lifestyles and initiatives in rural areas.

4th Latvian Rural Communities Parliament will gather around 300 policy makers, opinion leaders, active rural citizens, new initiative implementers, NGOs representatives and other interested persons in rural development to share their experience and inspire each other, to get a positive future for rural areas and practical tools to facilitate implementation of new paradigms. 

Latvian Rural Forum (LRF)

It is a national Non-Governmental Organisation which was founded in 2004. The mission of LRF is to promote balanced development of Latvian rural territories, in order to create it as a place where contented people live, able to meet their economic and social needs in the place of their residence.

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