Access to Asturias by private/rented vehicle

From Madrid and the south of the peninsula, you can comfortably reach the Principality through different roads. There are two main roads which share the same route to arrive to Asturias. This journey from Madrid is, approximately, 486 km and takes about 5 hours.

  • Silver motorway (A-66): Access to Asturias from Madrid through the highway.
  • National Road (N-630): Access to Asturias from Madrid through the Port of Pajares.

From other places to travel among Asturias, there is another highway:

  • Cantabrian motorway (A-8): This highway links Asturias from west to east by highway. It is also connected with the motorways of Galicia to the west and Cantabria to the east. From Asturias you can reach the border with France and Portugal through continued stretches of highway. By car from Santander is, approximately 190 km and takes about 2 hours.