Local food works for people and planet

How can we enable local food systems to work for farmers, consumers, and for rural communities with perspective of a just transition to a low carbon, biodiverse society? This is a big question, one that this workshop will explore creatively. First we will outline the terrain for local food in Europe – with a thriving local food movement. How does this movement help rural economies? Conversely, where has this failed to materialize? What are the barriers? 

Taking learnings from these place-based stories, we will then imagine the upscaling of a local food movement, and will envision what this will entail. What would the consequences and implications be, for rural areas in particular, of such a ramping up of local food infrastructure? How do we overcome what’s holding people back from the change needed? And what role is there for community and cooperative approaches? Come along and share your ideas in this interactive and creative workshop.

Leader / Speaker

Dr. Oliver Moore is a rural sociologist by training and agri-food and rural affairs communicator and organiser by profession. Oliver is editor-in-chief with ARC2020, lectures part time with the Centre for Cooperative Studies in University College Cork, works on events, communication and engagement with sustainability NGO Cultivate, and contributes weekly to the farming press in his native Ireland. He lives in an ecovillage in Cloughjordan, Tipperary (Ireland), where he is on the Board of Directors for the local Community supported Agriculture initiative there – Cloughjordan Community Farm.